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Setting up software
GPU/CPU :: m0mchil's python miner
poclbm.exe -d1 --port=8332 --pass=password

GPU/CPU :: DiabloMiner java miner
java -cp target\libs\*;target\DiabloMiner-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -Djava.library.path=target\libs\natives\windows com.diablominer.DiabloMiner.DiabloMiner -u -p password -o -r 8332 -g 5

Windows Example:
DiabloMiner-Windows.exe -u -p password -o -r 8332

CPU :: Ufasoft's SSE2 miner
bitcoin-miner.exe -a 5 -o -u -p password
GPU :: Phoenix miner

E-mail notification on worker failure
This feature doesn't depends on submitted shares because they are random and inconsistent. Instead, getwork requests are monitored.
Failure condition is triggered when no getwork requests are received from the worker for at least 5 minutes. Notification is issued in 0 to 6 minutes after this, so you should receive a message in 5 to 11 (worst case) minutes since the failure.

You can enable or disable this notification for each worker separately at it's settings page. Only users with confirmed e-mail can use this feature.

E-mail address confirmation
Click on the link in your registration e-mail message or in any bitcoin-address change confirmation message to confirm your e-mail address.

Automatic and manual payments
Automatic payment is triggered if your balance is over your payment threshold AND at least 24 hours have passed since any previous payment. This means that if you used manual payment then next automatic one will happen in 24 hours. Entire balance is sent down to bitcents, the rest stays in your account.
You can request manual payment at any time, but total number of payments should not exceed 3 per 24 hours. Minimum payment is 0.01 BTC and full-precision amounts are allowed.

What is a 'stale share' ?
Usually the pool gives each miner some 'job' to be done - a bitcoin block header that miner will hash in search for the share. This 'job' is unique for every block and should be changed every time when new block is found or new transaction is added to possible block by the pool. If someone finds a block and after this you submit your share, calculated from the old 'job', it's considered stale and is wasted.

Deepbit's transaction fee policy
(This is not related to the pool's payments to our users)
We think that free transactions are very important for the Bitcoin system so we are including as much free transactions as possible into our blocks, possibly more than anyone else. But sometimes a fee may be useful, so here is our fee policy:
A transaction is considered to be 'free' if the offered fee is less than 0.01 BTC. Free transactions are only accepted if they are less than 2000 bytes in size and have no more than 5 outputs. Outputs less than 0.01 BTC are not allowed in free transactions. The minimum fee for non-free transaction is 0.01 BTC for each started 1000 bytes.

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